Premium Asian Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is a preferred choice for many health-conscious consumers. That is why at Oh Aik Guan, we believe in retaining the natural goodness in our sesame oil to achieve the most fragrant and nutritious condiment for today’s discerning consumers.

A Well-established Sesame Oil Manufacturer

Oh Aik Guan Food Industrial Pte Ltd is a well-established sesame oil manufacturer based in Singapore. Although the company was officially incorporated in the year 1990, the company already existed and has been producing sesame oil since 1938. From a simpler production line in 1938 to the 20,000 ft factory it is housed today, Oh Aik Guan Food Industrial has definitely come a long way. With a history of 84 years and counting, we have been steadily expanding our footprint to various countries, and have become one of the leading sesame oil producers in Singapore.

Oh Aik Guan is always looking for new ways to enhance our technology and efficiency so that we can provide the best quality sesame oil and service to our customers all over the world. We've gone a long way, so you can depend on us to offer the best sesame oil for the next 84 years and beyond. Due to the sheer effort of multiple generations, Oh Aik Guan has evolved into what it is today. We vow to make A Taste of Generations available across the world for all to enjoy.

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